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Lease Guard

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Security Deposit Insurance

The Lease Guard program is a specially designed security deposit insurance program for investors and property management companies that gives flexible options on a unit by unit basis, while still being able to access bulk coverages easily. 

Coverage can be started mid lease which is beneficial for investors who no longer wish to manager the deposits. It can even be used to help put money back in the hands of tenants so that they can pay rent.


The program coverage is highly customizable and provides the exact same protection of a traditional security deposit against loss of rents and accidental tenant caused damags.

This would apply if the tenant damaged any property covered by the lease. Intentional damages do not apply. Anything not covered by the lease does not apply. 

Coverage can be started mid lease and can be used to help put money back in the hands of tenants so that they can pay rent.

The amount of coverage is variable and can be customized depending on what the insured needs. It is done in multiples of the monthly rent amount, so as an example, coverage for a unit that has a monthly rent of $2000 with 1 month of coverage would then have a $2000 limit of coverage that would apply to either loss of rents or accidental tenant caused damage. 2 months of coverage would then be $4,000, etc.

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The application is designed to be very simple. Contact one of our agents by calling or filling out the form below and answering a few short questions. We will the provide a free quote for coverage and if accepted one policy will be issued and units can then be added on at request.

Program Premium

The program premium is variable for each insured based on the information provided in the application but will rarely exceed 15% of the coverage, making it one of the lowest rates available.


Lease Types

Any residential lease applies as long as it includes a standard lease agreement.


Billing can be done either in one annual payment or can be split into monthly payments. The annual fee is done as a one time payment on the start of the coverage for that unit.


The insured can the re bill to the tenant allowing for increased NOI and an additional revenue source.

Property Managers

Property Managers can purchase coverage for the units they manage. So the insured can be either the investors directly or the property managers who oversee the units.


 The program is nationwide and can be used in all 50 states.


Additional Benefits

The whole purpose of security deposits in the first place is to protect the interests of the investor against tenants who default or damage the property. This program does the same exact thing but can actually be set up to provide even more coverage than a traditional security deposit. 


The process for applying for a claim is simpler than the hassle of arguing with a tenant over what deductions are taken out of the deposit. These arguments can be a headache for both sides and can even result in going to small claims court. Using the program completely circumvents that.


Different investors have different needs as to how much security deposit they require of tenants. Some want one month and some want two. This program provides the flexibility to fit any needs.


Lease Guard is extremely simple to get set up and started for investors. One application applies for all properties they own or manage. Units can be added individually or in bulk. They can be added at the convenience of the investor whenever they wish. They can be started at the inception of the lease or mid term.


Coverage can be started mid lease which is beneficial for investors who no longer wish to manage the deposits. It can even be used to help put money back in the hands of tenants so that they can pay rent.


Rolling over entire portfolios is extremely simple to do and can even be done on a monthly premium basis. And by simply raising rent a very small amount this makes it a very simple process at not cost to the investor.


The most common coverage out there that is similar is a bond. However bonds are purchased by tenants who often do not understand that it is not an insurance policy and that a collection process will ensue with them in the event of a claim. If a tenant defaults on rent then they very likely will not be able to pay the claim and will simply continue to default. This program is a true insurance coverage for the investor or property manager.


Tenants prefer this program over paying deposits as the cost of living has been steadily increasing. Rents nationwide have increased 13% over last year alone and the cost of first month, last month plus security deposit can mean a significant amount of cash out of pocket. This brings that down and the investor can then only need to require the first month rent. Tenants love the program as they then only need to pay the premium which they often are very willing to do as it is significantly less.


Investors often are concerned about using such a program as there is no “skin in the game” from the tenant. Having the tenant pay for it solves this. The premium is not refundable to the tenant so they are liable to paying that amount. With a security deposit they have the hope to get the money back so they have definite skin in the game using this.


In competitive areas, promoting “No Security Deposit Required” or even “No Security Deposit and No Last Month’s Rent Required” can be a game changer on filling units faster.


Simply put, investors and property managers can use the program to fill units faster, make more revenue, help tenants and all while having the same protection of a deposit.

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