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Security Deposit Insurance

No Security Deposit Required. No Hassles.

Everyone knows that security deposits provide that safety net to ensure you as an investor are covered. But everyone also knows that with this security comes plenty of complications and difficulties.

For some tenants, providing the up-front cash of both the security deposit and the first month’s rent can be quite a barrier to entry. And the disputes that arise at move-out can be a hassle for all concerned.

In most states, as an investor you are required to keep security deposit funds in escrow accounts which can stack up costs, not to mention the headaches of handling the accounting.

Security Deposit Insurance removes all these difficulties.


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How It Works

Security Deposit Insurance is simple and uniform. Access to our program requires membership with our partner program with Connected Investors at no cost and includes a variety of member benefits including a variety of valuable, non-insurance group services and connections.

Simply fill out the Security Deposit Coverage Application and gain automatic access to the Connected Investors Program and get instant coverage approval.

All coverages are standard and can include:

  • 1.5 months of missed rent payments
  • $500 of property damages caused by the tenant
  • $300 of pet damage
  • $300 unpaid utilities
  • $300 eviction fees

Coverage Premium is 25% of one month’s rent plus program fee which covers the entire lease term and can be covered by either the landlord or the tenant.

1. Coverage Application

Program participation requires membership in our partner program Connected Investors at no cost. Your membership includes access to a variety of resources including connection to lenders, properties and other investors for help and advice.

Program approval is instant and completely free.

No additional form is required and by submitting for coverage you agree to become a member and will be granted access.

Application results are instant.

2. Payment & Signatures

Complete the payment and the Lease Waiver is automatically sent to all parties. Once eSigned by the tenant the application is complete.

3. Coverage & Claims

After verification of payment and signature, coverage is issued and binding for the term of the lease and you will receive a copy of the policy.

 To make claims, click below to access our simple and easy claims page.


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Brandon W

Real Estate Investor

“Aster National has proven to be a welcome upgrade for my small business’s insurance needs. They are helpful with exploring coverage options and their Customer Service is top notch.”

Jean M


“Working with Aster was smooth, effortless and fast. I got excellent coverage within the same day”

Becka G


“I shopped everywhere for rates and Aster came through with with an amazing offer. I was able to get significantly better coverage at a much lower rate.”

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